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Explore the rich, floral and fruity nuances of our Xpresso Ethiopia, sourced from the highlands of Oromia. These wild-grown beans deliver a medium body and high sweetness, perfect for any brewing method.


Xpresso Ethiopia Coffee – 250g

Overview: Dive into the unique, vibrant flavours of our Xpresso Ethiopia, a wild coffee harvested from just six exclusive farms in the Oromia region of southwest Ethiopia. Grown at 1,600 meters, this coffee captures the essence of one of the world’s premier coffee regions.

Tasting Notes: Savor the exceptional quality of these beans, which offer a robust body (3/5) and an optimal roast level (2/5) to enhance their natural sweetness (4/5). Each cup delivers a tantalizing complexity with a refreshing balance of floral and fruity notes typical of Ethiopian wild coffee.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Oromia, Southwest Ethiopia
  • Flavor Profile: Floral and fruity undertones
  • Roast Level: Light (2/5)
  • Body: Medium (3/5)
  • Sweetness: High (4/5)
  • Size: 250g

Perfect For: Coffee connoisseurs looking to explore the depth of African coffee. Ideal for morning brews or sophisticated espresso pulls, this coffee shines across all preparation methods, promising a journey in every sip.


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