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Experience the smooth, nutty essence of our Brazil Single Origin Coffee Beans, enriched with subtle chocolate notes for a refined taste. Perfectly light-roasted to highlight its gentle body and balanced sweetness.


Xpresso Brazil Single Origin Coffee Beans – 250g

Overview: Explore the authentic taste of Brazil with our Xpresso Single Origin Coffee Beans. Sourced from the heart of the world’s largest coffee producer, these beans offer a distinctively smooth and nutty flavor profile enhanced with rich chocolate notes.

Tasting Notes: Perfectly roasted to achieve a light profile (2/5), these beans present a smooth texture and a balanced sweetness (3/5). The nutty undertones paired with subtle chocolate nuances make every cup a delightful experience.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Single Origin, Brazilian beans
  • Flavor Profile: Nutty with chocolate notes
  • Roast Level: Light (2/5)
  • Body: Mild (3/5)
  • Sweetness: Medium (3/5)
  • Size: 250g

Perfect For: Coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a gentler, nuanced cup. Ideal for morning brews or an afternoon treat, these beans perform excellently in various brewing methods, including pour-over and espresso.


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