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Indulge in our Xpresso Brazil Decaf Coffee Beans, offering a rich dark chocolate profile with a smooth, satisfying body, all decaffeinated for enjoyment anytime. Perfectly roasted to ensure a delightful, guilt-free coffee experience.


Xpresso Brazil Decaf Coffee Beans – 250g

Overview: Enjoy the rich and indulgent flavors of our Xpresso Brazil Decaf Coffee Beans without the caffeine. Carefully sourced from Brazil, these beans provide a delightful coffee experience that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Tasting Notes: Our decaffeinated Arabica beans are roasted to a perfect medium level to highlight their rich dark chocolate notes. This blend offers a smooth body and a balanced sweetness, making each cup deeply satisfying and full of flavor.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Brazilian Arabica beans
  • Flavor Profile: Rich dark chocolate
  • Roast Level: Medium (4/5)
  • Body: Rich (4/5)
  • Sweetness: Moderate (3/5)
  • Decaf Process: Naturally decaffeinated to preserve flavor and quality
  • Size: 250g

Perfect For: Those seeking a luxurious coffee experience without the caffeine, whether it’s late in the evening or as a guilt-free pleasure during the day. Ideal for all brewing methods, especially espresso and French press.


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